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Publisher:  Fennica Gehrman

Author:Geza Szilvay
Author:Laszlo Rossa

For two violins

Children who are learning to play the violin with the Colourstrings approach, should be introduced to chamber music right from the early lessons. Our Duettini serve to realise this goal.In these miniature duos, the easy first violin part is taken from Book A of the Colourstrings Violin ABC. This should be played by the beginner, whilst the second violin part should be performed by an advanced pupil or the teacher.To aid the child's reading, the first violin part appears with child friendly coloured notation. Above the coloured notes the drawings of birds are representing natural ('octave') harmonics in the middle position and sun pictures are representing natural ('octave') harmonics in the high position.The duos are written in addition on the five line stave system for those colleagues who are teaching their pupils from any of the traditional violin schools.Besides individual tuition these tiny duos naturally can be successfully used in group teaching sessions.

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