Colourstrings Books

Colourstrings books is part of Colourstrings International Ltd. It exists to service the needs of people teaching music using the Colourstrings method, developed by Géza Szilvay, providing access to specially designed teaching material such as instrumental training books, sol-fa and rhythm picture books, CDs, posters and training courses. 


Our Most Recent Arrivals

Know Your Cello Know Your Scales A

Know Your Cello Know Your Scales A£19.95

Book A
Exploring 7 Major Scales
Exploring 5 Natural Minor Scales

Kreutzerini for Viola

Kreutzerini for Viola£14.50

Supplementary material for the Colourstrings Viola ABC Book B. 42 Finger Exercises for perfect intonation in the first position.

Colourstrings Musical Fairy Tales

Colourstrings Musical Fairy Tales£7.50

Musical Fairy Tales written by Géza Szilvay. The very start of the Colourstrings journey starts here with musical fairy tales for very small children.

Singing Rascals DO Album Download

Singing Rascals DO Album Download£7.50

Singing Rascals Do Audio CD Download - Beautifully read story to accompany the book including children playing and singing all the songs.