Colourstrings Books

Colourstrings books is part of Colourstrings International Ltd. It exists to service the needs of people teaching music using the Colourstrings method, developed by Géza Szilvay, providing access to specially designed teaching material such as instrumental training books, sol-fa and rhythm picture books, CDs, posters and training courses. 


Our Most Recent Arrivals

Kindergarten Instrument Pack

Kindergarten Instrument Pack£14.95

A starter pack of musical instruments for Kindergarten classes.

Cello ABC Book E

Cello ABC Book E£38.50

Colourstrings Cello Book E teaches Trichords, Tetrachords, Pentachords and combinations. Teaching is done through the use of a variety of folk songs and chamber music and all the scores incorporate the Colourstings Symbols the students should already be familar with.

Singing Rascals Pentatonic - Polish

Singing Rascals Pentatonic - Polish£7.50

Singing Rascals Pentatonic - Polish Edition.

Rhythm Rascals TA

Rhythm Rascals TA£7.50

The First Book in the Colourstrings Rhythm Rascals Series.