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Singing Rascals Pentatonic

Singing Rascals Pentatonic
Singing Rascals PentatonicSinging Rascals PentatonicSinging Rascals PentatonicSinging Rascals Pentatonic
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Singing Rascals CD - PentatonicSinging Rascals CD - Pentatonic

Publisher:  Colourstrings International Limited
Format:  Hardback
Pages:  24 Full Colour Pages
Printed:  2020

Created by Géza Szilvay
Illustrations by Tuulia Hyrske
English words by Angela Ailes

The First Book in the Singing Rascals Series.

The Singing Rascals series is ideal for young children from the age of about 18 months and is the foundation for starting to learn an instrument using the Colourstrings methodology.  The songs and rhythms in the books are repeated right through the instrumental courses giving children instant familiarity with the compositions. 

Parents should sing the songs with their children, looking at the pictures and encouraging gentle rhythm exercises such as clapping, marching or waving. As children become more familiar with the songs, sol-fa hand signs can be introduced or singing the songs using the sol-fa notes.

There are 3 books in the Singing Rascals Series - Pentatonic, DO and LA.

A CD is also available that interweaves a story with the songs from the books and children sing the songs with both words and sol-fa and play them on instruments.

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