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Singing Rascals Double CD TI-TI & ABC

Singing Rascals Double CD TI-TI & ABC
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Publisher:  Colourstrings International Limited

Author:Geza Szilvay
Author:Tuulia Hyrske

Rhythm Rascals TiTi - Grandfather Owl's Music SchoolSinging Rascals ABC - The Magic Pencil

Rhythm Rascals TiTi1. Introduction 3.322. Ollie Owl 0.443. Ollie Owl Orchestra 1.154. Narrator 0.165. Mary had a Little Lamb 0.206. Little Lamb Orchestra 1.117. Liza Lamb Rhythm 0.378. Roses for a Hedgehog 0.289. Roses for a Hedgehog Orchestra 0.3110.Narrator continued 0.4611.Does He Eat Cherries Sweet? 0.3712.Sweet Cherries Orchestra 0.3013.Narrator 0.1714.Lucy Goosey 0.5615.Lucy Goosey Orchestra 0.3516.Narrator continued 0.4517.Three Pigs 0.2118.Three Pigs Orchestra 1.1519.Narrator 0.3520.Hey Diddle Diddle Fox in the Middle 0.2021.Fox Trot Orchestra 0.4222.Narrator 2.0223.Narrator continued 2.2124.Goose and Gander, Come out and Play 1.0025.Narrator 0.4526.Willy Wolf 2.17Rhythm Rascals TiTi Running Time 25.02Singing Rascals ABC27.Happy Birthday Tom 6.0828.A 1.5629.Bananna 0.3830.B 2.1731.Cowboy 1.2032.C 1.2733.The Circus 1.5134.D 2.4435.Return to The Circus 1.1436.E 2.3837.The Zoo 1.2138.F 2.0539.The Last Note 1.3140.G 2.5941.Only Seven Notes 2.07Singing Rascals ABC Running Time 32.18

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