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Cello ABC Book D

Cello ABC Book D
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Publisher:  Fennica Gehrman

Author:Csaba Szilvay

The fourth book in the Colourstrings Cello ABC approach. With a few exceptions, the songs in this book are introduced in positions where the melody can be played with natural harmonics. Many of the songs are notated so that they may be played as a duo with the teacher or another student.

Books C and D contain folk songs from at least 20 countries or regions.Duets also include short excerpts by Kodaly and Bartok.Here is a friendly way of wrapping technical work disguised in beautifulmelodies from around the world - a veritable map of the cello fingerboard!The extended position is introduced via the use of harmonics: no fingerpressure - no hand tension or strain. Shifting and melodies transposed tomany different keys appear in positions 1-7. It is beautifully written withgreat illustrations and attention to detail.


This book is also available from the publishers as a download from the Apple iBooks Store

Cello ABC: Book D - Csaba Szilvay

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