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Violin ABC Book D Supplementary Material

Violin ABC Book D Supplementary Material
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Publisher:  Fennica Gehrman

Author:Geza Szilvay

Appendix for the Colourstrings Violin ABC Book D.

This Supplementary material includes:New finger pattern (flattened 2nd finger). Minor tetrachord.Minor pentachord.Playing on two strings.Major and minor pentachordal scales.Portato.Mixed finger pattern.Major and minor hexachordal scales.Dotted crotchet/quarter note played after quaver/eight note.Bow division.The quaver/eight note rest.Semibreve/whole note rest.Bow stroke lanes.Semiquavers/sixteenth notes.Rests.Bouncing bow.Major and natural minor scales.Arpeggios and chords.Absolute and relative.

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