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Piano ABC Book A/B

Piano ABC Book A/B
Piano ABC Book A/BPiano ABC Book A/BPiano ABC Book A/B
Piano ABC Book A/BPiano ABC Book A/BPiano ABC Book A/B
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Publisher:  Colourstrings International Limited
Format:  Ringbound
Pages:  98
Language:  English/Finnish

This book has been replaced by the new Piano ABC Book A published in 2013.

The original Piano ABC combined books A & B by Arja Suorsa-Rannanmäki with teachers notes at the back.  Comes with a 4 colour strip to place above the keys to help guide fingers (and one spare.)

From the book introduction

"The Piano ABC book is designed for use by beginners between the ages 4 and 8 years, either by itself or together with other instruction. The work is based on the method developed by the Hungarian composer and teacher Zoltan Kodaly, one of the main principles of which is training the ability to hear internally by audiovisual means: "What I see as a note, I hear as a tone; and what I hear as a tone, I see in my mind's eye as a note." That which is learned through more than one of the senses tends to make the most lasting impression."

"The different elements that make music are presented as simply as possible. The use of colours in representing octaves and the rhythm exercises and solmization names borrowed from Kodaly's ear-training system, along with hand signs, are aimed to help the child grasp new notational material. The tunes have been selected mostly from among Finnish folk and children's songs. The words of the songs and the instructions in the use of the Piano ABC book are in the final pages."

Teachers and parents notes are printed in the back in English and Finnish.

Limited stock availability. This book is no longer published.



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